2016 Trending Colors

2015 Colors of the yearAt Window Products in Connecticut, we’re always excited to share with you the popular trends in color. What’s even more exciting is that, in 2016, for the first time ever, Pantone has announced that there are two forecasted colors of the year. That’s right, Rose Quartz and Serenity will be making a calm and peaceful entrance into interior design, fashion, and even the automotive industry. Let’s look at what’s behind it!

Who Picks the Colors of the Year?

Color is not a designer’s whim. The Color Marketing Group (CMG), which is made up of experts and trend-followers in multiple industries, meets twice a year to forecast color in both residential and contract worlds. As the leading universal system for specific color, PANTONE is the reference tool for all industries when they work to match the forecasted hues.

Influences on Color Trends

Many things influence how we feel about color, including the economy, world and domestic events, and cultural happenings. Each of those can bring us to richer, more vibrant colors, or they can bring us to muted, safer tones. Color trends come from where we are, where we want to go, and how people are feeling or not feeling. When we experience attacks on countries and air travel, we are afraid and popular color becomes lighter, softer, and safer.

Why a Color of the Year?

Somner® Customer Vertical Blinds

Somner® Customer Vertical Blinds

All industries that produce a product for fashion, home furnishings, hospitality, and automotive follow forecasted trends. Each industry adjusts the forecasted color (or in this case, colors) to their area and products. Warmer-climate colors may be lighter, and cooler-climate colors may be a bit darker than the actual forecasted color. No matter what, the trend is there for people to add the color to their lives.

Know You’ve Got the Right Color

To know you’re choosing exactly the color that’s been forecasted, follow the Pantone PMS system, which will ensure the right color every time. For this year’s colors, here are the numbers to look for:

  • Serenity—Pantone color 15-3919
  • Rose Quartz—Pantone color 13-1520

For more information about Pantone and this year’s colors and to find choices for complementary and matching colors, click here.

Choosing Color in Fairfield, CT

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