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Why Motorized Shades Might Be Right for Your Home

Hunter  Douglas PowerView™ Motorization

Hunter Douglas PowerView™ Motorization

When it comes to window treatments, there are many benefits to motorized lift systems. At Window Products in Connecticut, our customers often tell us they like the convenience motorization affords them. But there’s more to it than that—read on to learn more, and talk to one of our trained specialists if you’d like to see Hunter Douglas motorization in action.

The Gold Standard in Motorized Window Coverings

Of all the lift systems available, motorization is by far the best. From improved child and pet safety to convenience and security, motorizing your window treatments with Hunter Douglas PowerView™ will take your windows to the next level. It also takes care of the windows in those hard-to-reach areas! [Read more…]


Rediscovering Roller Shades

Designer Roller Screen Shades in the Living Room

Designer Roller Screen Shades in the Living Room

Roller shades have long been popular, even from their early days of being vinyl room-darkeners. They have evolved over the years to become an option that won’t go out of style because they can match any décor. At Window Products in Connecticut, our trained consultants will be happy to help you decide if roller shades are right for your home.

New Design Improves Light Gap

The one drawback to roller shades is the light gap that comes from the sides of the shade when installed inside the window frame. One side of the roller shade has a clutch to raise and lower the shade. As a result, the fabric on the control side leaves a light gap for the clutch to operate. This year, however, Hunter Douglas has recognized the need to modernize and streamline this classic shade by changing the clutch to a new, ultra-slim system called custom clutch. This new custom clutch is attached to the bracket and allows the fabric of the shade to be cut larger for better coverage. Yes, there is still a small light gap on each side of the shade; however, it is minimal. Without question, today’s updated, spring-loaded roller shade by Hunter Douglas is setting a new standard for this time-tested classic. [Read more…]