What are Eco-Friendly Window Treatments?

Eco Friendly Window CoveringsThere are several ways window treatments can be considered “eco-friendly” and help you reduce your carbon footprint. Think of windows as energy holes. Even with today’s sealed double-pane windows, closed windows still allow 10-15 times more heat energy to flow through them. So, if windows make up about 10% of a home’s insulated shell, that could mean up to half of your heating and cooling utility bill is flowing through your windows. At Window Products, serving Connecticut with showrooms in Branford and Southbury, we carry a variety of eco-friendly window coverings. [Read more…]


Update Your Window Treatments

Alustra Roman ShadesMost people don’t update their window treatments very often, so when they do, they do it with careful consideration and research. Here at Window Products, we find people who haven’t shopped for window coverings in awhile are surprised by the number of options available to them. A visit to one of our showrooms in Branford or Southbury, or an in-home consultation, quickly shows customers the vast amount of colors, styles, fabrics, textures, opacities and operating mechanisms available today. The selection is so vast, in fact, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t worry, our window covering specialists will help you find the best window treatments for your needs. [Read more…]


2015 Energy Smart Style Savings Event

Energy Efficient Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Energy Efficient Vignette Modern Roman Shades Now On Sale!

With this year’s harsh winter, saving money on energy costs is on everyone’s mind. At Window Products serving Connecticut with showrooms in Branford and Southbury, we’re offering unbeatable rebates on our most popular energy saving window shades. It’s our Hunter Douglas Energy Smart Style Promotion!

Hunter Douglas Energy Efficient Window Treatment Rebates:

$100 Rebate on any of the following Hunter Douglas purchases through April 25, 2015:

  • 4 Duette® Honeycomb Shades (plus $25 rebate each additional unit)
  • 4 Solera® Soft Shades (plus $25 rebate each additional unit)
  • 2 Silhouette® Window Shadings (plus $50 rebate each additional unit)
  • 2 Vignette® Modern Roman Shades (plus $50 rebate each additional unit)

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Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen - Honeycomb ShadesNot just any window covering will do for your kitchen. As the heart of the house, a lot goes on in your kitchen. That’s why the functionality of your window coverings is so important. You need optimal light control as well as window treatment material that will stand up to conditions in your kitchen. And of course style is important, too. The window covering experts at Window Products, with showrooms in Branford and Southbury, can help you make a window covering selection that works and looks perfectly in your kitchen. [Read more…]


Honeycomb Shade Options

If you’re shopping for honeycomb shades, you may be amazed by the different options available to operate today’s window treatments. At Window Products, with showrooms in Branford and Southbury CT, we have several honeycomb shades styles to choose from, including our popular Duette and Applause styles from Hunter Douglas. A popular installation add-on for these shades is the top-down bottom-up style for increased light control and privacy.  Watch this video for ideas on how to use your new honeycomb shades:

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Pleated or Honeycomb Shades?

Honeycomb ShadesWe have many customers here in the Southbury area who ask about pleated shades. Designed to give homeowners a lighter option to draperies while maintaining the softness of a fabric window covering, pleated shades have been popular for years. In the early 1980s, “energy efficiency” became the new buzzword in the window treatment industry. Industry leaders such as Hunter Douglas took the idea of pleated shades and created the first Duette® honeycomb shade. With a similar look to pleated shades, the unique honeycomb construction offered built-in insulating factors to keep heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter. Stop by one of our showrooms in Southbury or Branford to see full size displays of our pleated or honeycomb shades. [Read more…]


Hunter Douglas Seasons of Style Event!

Duette honeycomb shades

Duette honeycomb shades and Vertiglide shades are on sale during our Season of Style savings event!

As your local Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery serving Connecticut, we’re offering $100 rebates, plus additional savings, on our most popular window treatment styles. Choose from stylish Duette honeycomb shades, Pirouette shadings, Silhouette shades, Vignette Modern Roman shades, Luminette sheers, and Skyline Gliding Window Panels. Mix and match your favorite window treatment styles to give your whole home a fresh new look for the holidays! [Read more…]


Window Coverings for Bedrooms

Room Darkening Bedroom Window CoveringsSleep — who doesn’t need more of it? You may not have given this much thought, but the quality of your sleep in affected by your bedroom window coverings. How well your blinds and shades insulate your room from light and sound has a direct impact on your sleeping patterns. That’s why many of our clients throughout Connecticut choose room darkening shades or window coverings that block out the light to keep the room cool and dark for great sleep. At Window Products, we carry a variety of room darkening options for your bedroom windows. [Read more…]


How to Select Cellular Shades

Hunter Douglas Cellular ShadesThe cellular shade has come a long way since it was first developed decades ago. Now, you have many options to make your cellular shade work for you. When you work with Window Products serving Connecticut, we’ll help you narrow down your choice to make the decision easier. Here’s what we’ll want to know:

1. What room(s) are the shades for — bedroom, living room, kitchen, den?
2. What kind of privacy are you looking for — light filtering or total darkness?
3. What type of window is this for — small window, double hung window, sliding glass door, specialty shape?
4. Do you need vertical or horizontal application – opening side-to-side or up and down?
5. Is energy efficiency and UV protection an issue – extreme cold or heat or windows getting too much direct sunlight?
6. How do you want to operate your shades – cordless, motorization, top-down/bottom up? [Read more…]


Choosing the Perfect Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are one of the most popular window treatments we offer, and a style that has many options. Choosing between the many different styles of our Architella, Duette and Applause shades can be tricky. At Window Products serving Connecticut, our professional window treatment consultants can help you choose the honeycomb shade that is best for your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget needs. Our selection of honeycomb shades are available in a variety of styles with unique pleat sizes and a range of opacities to help you control light and privacy. [Read more…]