Window Products becomes part of the Shack Attack Team In Madison, CT

Fixing & Staging

HouseMary Stryler, owner of Junk 2 Junk in Madison, CT was getting ready to send her daughter to college in the fall. Not an inexpensive venture, Mary was trying to think of creative ways to help pay the tuition when she got the idea of renting their house for the summer. Because of the location Mary’s house rented quickly. But now Mary and her daughter needed a place to live.

Her realtor friend had been trying to get Mary to stage a small 1,000 square foot house around the corner from her current home for the past couple years. Now seemed like the perfect time to tackle the project. Mary and her daughter would stay in the house rent-free for the next two-month, during which time they would fix it up and getting ready to sell…and on a shoestring budget! [Read more…]


Update Your Window Treatments

Alustra Roman ShadesMost people don’t update their window treatments very often, so when they do, they do it with careful consideration and research. Here at Window Products, we find people who haven’t shopped for window coverings in awhile are surprised by the number of options available to them. A visit to one of our showrooms in Branford or Southbury, or an in-home consultation, quickly shows customers the vast amount of colors, styles, fabrics, textures, opacities and operating mechanisms available today. The selection is so vast, in fact, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Don’t worry, our window covering specialists will help you find the best window treatments for your needs. [Read more…]


Benefits of Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood ShadesWhat’s not to like about Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Shades? They’re an attractive and versatile window covering option made of renewable materials for a earth-friendly bonus. Resembling Roman shades, woven woods have folds of natural material such as reeds, woods, and grasses. This distinctive look adds depth and warmth to any room, and its natural finish goes with any decor. Stop by one of our showrooms in Branford or Southbury CT to see full size displays of our woven wood shades. [Read more…]


Woven Woods Shades Bring Beauty of Nature to Your Home

v Made from select natural woods, including reeds, bamboos and grasses, Hunter Douglas woven wood shades bring the beauty of nature inside your home. Our selection of woven wood shades are uniquely textured, adding a casual style that goes with most any décor.

Woven woods natural shades are a very popular window covering choice, both because of their timeless beauty and because of their environmentally sound characteristics. Window Products in Connecticut offers a wide variety of woven wood shades by Hunter Douglas, including the popular Provenance style. Perfect for any window or door, including uniquely shaped openings, Provenance woven wood shades create a style and energy that fits with any décor. [Read more…]