Enjoy Versatility, Beauty of Silhouette Window Shades

At Window Products, one of our most popular window shades is the Silhouette® style. window shadings. Homeowners and businesses throughout Connecticut love the versatility of Silhouette window shades, which are available in a wide range of beautiful fabrics, including casual linen, woven and light dimming materials. Stop by our Gallery showroom in Branford, CT, to see full size displays of our Silhouette window shades, and check out this video to see the beauty these shades add to any window.

Silhouette Window Shades Features

Silhouette window shades feature unique S-Vane construction and optional TiltAnywhere operation. Fabric vanes are suspended by two sheers, giving them the soft look of a curtain and the light and privacy control of blinds. With the vanes completely open, you have an unobstructed view outside, and still enjoy slightly filtered light. Tilt the vanes in any way and you’ll soften the light and view while maintaining privacy. Closed, the vanes offer complete privacy while still letting in the perfect amount of light.

Benefits of Silhouette Window Shades

Silhouette window shades offer versatility like no other window shade. Not only do the offer exceptional style and beauty, they are safe for children and pets and also improve the energy efficiency of your home. Long lasting and backed by a Lifetime Warranty and the Right Choice Promise, Silhouette shades are designed in the USA.

Operating Your Silhouette Window Shades

Choose from several ways to raise, lower, and tilt your Silhouette window shades.

  • Operation is simple with our standard EasyRise system. Pulling on the continuous cord loop opens or closes the shadings easily and quickly.
  • The UltraGlide system uses a single retractable cord that stays the same length as you raise and lower the shadings.
  • LiteRise is a completely cordless option available only on Silhouette window shadings. This innovative system easily opens, closes, and tilts the shades with a single-handed touch.
  • Choose PowerRise for the most convenient and safe operation. Battery controlled remote signals allow you to control your shadings with a touch of a button.

Where to Buy Silhouette Window Shades in Connecticut

At Window Products, we’ve been serving Connecticut since 1994. We offer a wide range of window shadings and a full line of Hunter Douglas window fashions. Contact us for more details.

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