What’s Best for Me – Wood Blinds or Faux Wood Blinds?

Genuine wood blinds have broad appeal. People love them for their versatility, functionality, and of course, their natural beauty. We have more and more customers, though, who want to enjoy the style of wood blinds but without the drawbacks. Wood blinds don’t do well in rooms with high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, and their natural wood finish can wear over time. Cost is also a consideration — wood blinds can be on the expensive side.

Real Wood Blinds
Real Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds
Faux Wood Blinds

 Advantages of Faux Wood Blinds

With the introduction of faux wood blinds, consumers now have a variety of options to select from and at a price point that can meet any budget. Durable and affordable, faux wood blinds give you the best of both worlds. They are typically made of PVC, PVC composite or wood and vinyl combination. Take a look at the advantages of faux wood blinds:

  • Available in 2” slat size
  • Available in different colors & stains
  • Durable and slats usually bounce back and don’t warp
  • Great for rooms with high moisture
  • Built to not crack, chip, peel, warp or bowing
  • Easy to clean with a wet cloth
  • Less expensive than real wood

Advantages of Real Wood Blinds

The most obvious advantage of real wood blinds is that are made of real wood! This gives them the look, feel, and quality of real wood products. Take a look at the advantages of faux wood blinds:

  • Available in 1 3/8”, 2” & 2 ½” slat sizes
  • Available in numerous colors and stains
  • Stained slats highlight natural grains
  • 50% lighter than faux wood blinds which makes them easier to raise and lower
  • Can be manufactured to accommodate larger windows
  • Optional routless slat construction to eliminate light leakage
  • Available with decorative tapes
  • Perceived to have a more high-end look

Which is Best – Wood or Faux?

The answer to this question really depends on your specific circumstances, including the location where the blinds will be installed, the color and look you’re going for, and your budget. Our window treatment consultants at Window Products, your Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer serving the Connecticut, can help you determine whether wood blinds or faux wood blinds would work best for you. Stop by our showroom in Branford, CT, to see full-size displays of both faux and wood blinds.

Buy Wood or Faux Blinds in Connecticut

Both wood and faux wood blinds will enhance the beauty of your home and can be used in tandem. The experienced sales consultants at Window Products in Connecticut will assist you in making the perfect selection. We offer a wide range of wood and faux wood blinds in our complete line of Hunter Douglas window fashions. We also carry a a wide variety of awnings and shades. Contact us for more details.

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