Using Light in Your Room

Luminette® Privacy Sheers & Silhouette® Window Shadings
Luminette® Privacy Sheers & Silhouette® Window Shadings

Using Light in Your Room

Today, lighting is one of the most changed elements of design we have, and we need to learn “How to Use It.” You can control light with the addition of window treatments. The materials and opacities you select will provide different effects, for example:

  • Blinds with louvers like Heritance® Hardwood Shutters will allow you to tilt the light up or down
  • A semi-opaque fabric in a Duette® Honeycomb Shade will soften the light
  • The natural fibers used in Provenance® Woven Textures will filter light gently

At Window Products serving Fairfield County and surrounding areas, we’ll be happy to discuss lighting elements and how your window treatment choices can impact them.

Natural Light

How do exposures impact the light?

  • Southern or Western Exposure—Warm light coming from the window
  • Eastern or Northern Exposure—Cool light coming from the window

Three Levels of Lighting

You don’t have to turn them all on at once, but it will change your space and give you new looks during the evening.

  1. Light to work by
  2. General illumination to get fill the space; it usually comes from the ceiling
  3. Mood lighting, which usually comes from the floor up

Electric Light: Incandescent Vs. LED

As you might know, the old incandescent bulb wastes 90% of its energy as heat, not light. Also, LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is at least 75% more efficient than the traditional incandescent light bulb. If you’d like to discuss your particular lighting needs, talk to a trained consultant here at Window Products.

Why Wouldn’t We Use LED?

There are a lot of powerful design elements in one little bulb! You just need to find the right one for your lifestyle. If you do nothing else, go buy several LED bulbs and take before and after pictures so you can see the results for yourself. There are a few easy guidelines that will help you in this journey. First, let’s look at the colors in the space. Colors like magenta, red, red-orange, orange, gold, and yellow are warm, and using a warm light bulb is usually the way to go. Colors like green, teal, blue, indigo and purple would look best with lights that are cool. Your best bet is to buy several of both and play. You can always return the ones that didn’t work. The lampshade also makes a difference. If it is gold, a cool light bulb is the better choice. The “before and after” pictures will give you a lot of information about lighting your space.

Lighting Your Home in Milford, Fairfield CT

At Window Products, we’ve been serving Connecticut since 1994 with two showrooms – one in Branford and one in Southbury. We offer the full line of Hunter Douglas window fashions, a nice selection of screen shades, and a wide variety of awnings and shades. Our personalized service, quality products, and professional installation services ensure you’ll find the perfect window treatment or awning for your home or business. Contact us for more details.

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