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SunCassette Bella


The SunCassette Bella is Durasol’s flagship retractable cassette awning and mounts flush against the wall of your home or business. Its semi-cassette design offers a sleek look when retracted and incorporates a patented tipping system. The Bella is a practical yet stylish addition that will last for years.

SunShelter® Elite Plus


The SunShelter® Elite Plus is an adjustable retractable awning system with the ability to adjust your sun protection.  The optional “R-Pitch” adjustable shoulder with its patented swivel wrist allows you to drop each corner separately with a simple eyelet and manual hand crank system.

SunShelter Regal

Regal Thumbnail Orange

The SunShelter® Regal is Durasol’s most affordable awning.   The Regal stylishly complements the exterior of any home and at a price to meet your budget.




The SunShelter®Triumph is Durasol’s heavy duty retractable awning and the ideal shading solution when longer projections are required.  The practicality of the Triumph is a classy and sturdy living addition to any home.


SunCassette Carina

Carina Family Pic

The SunCassette Carina is designed for toughness and longevity.  Unwind under a Durasol awning can be an enjoyable way to spend a lazy afternoon or an evening with friends and family.  The Carina is perfect for wall and roof mount applications, and an added level of protection.

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