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The SunStructure family is made up of distinctive products designed for both residential and commercial settings including two newly announced awning innovations, the GENNIUS and Gallery. Low maintenance and self-supporting, the SunStructure models are perfect for locations that require unusual shading and/or waterproof solutions.

SunStructure GENNIUS

genniusthumbpicThe SunStructure GENNIUS is a unique concept in retractable awning systems that combines the beauty of a pergola, the flexibility of a retractable awning and the coziness and comfort of a room addition.

The GENNIUS can withstand wind, protect you from the rain or damaging UV rays, and keep you cool and comfortable in the brightest sunlight. Whether you are covering a small desk, large patio or sizable pavilion, the GENNIUS has the versatility to handle them all.

SunStructure Gallery

gallerythumbpicThe SunStructure Gallery is an attractive, self-supporting canopy system that offers the luxury of added living, dining, or retail space, with the choice of retracting the fabric to relish the sunshine and openness.

The Gallery is able to cover sprawling areas, and is perfect for cafes bars and restaurants.  Perfect solution to increase revenue with added table space, wedding and event accommodations, shops, and other businesses.

SunStructure Pinnacle One & Two

pinnacleThe SunStructure Pinnacle One & Two are retractable shading structures ideal when a lateral arm awning just won’t work. The Pinnacle offers two models that can be mounted onto an existing structure, such as a pergola or over a skylight, or as a standalone product just mounted to a wall.

SunStructure Tempo

tempoThe SunStructure Tempo is a self-supporting stand.  To maximize an area without standard mounting requirements, attach two awnings to the Tempo.  Ideal to add seating space where typical mounting structures locations are not available.