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Durasol’s window awnings are custom-made, professionally installed and offer you a beautiful and functional way to protect your home from the sun’s damaging rays.  Our extensive line of window awnings will add architectural interest while maximizing your indoor comfort and controlling cooling costs.

Durasol awnings surpass all others in style, function, ease and quality – exactly what you expect from Durasol.

American Classic

American ClassicThe American Classic combines the romance and elegance of days gone by with today’s advances in design and materials. They blend beautifully with other awnings, and also provide the protection needed to block the sun’s direct light and radiant heat effects.


shedThe Shed Awning is a traditional style awning used for home and business. The Shed highlights entrances and windows as well as protects from rain and snow. Business or store identity can easily be added on both the body and valance of this style.


domeThe Dome Awning adds interest and beauty to a home or business and has become a traditional favorite. Graphics can  be added with the addition of a rigid or loose valance.


waterfallThe Waterfall Awning is a smooth unit and a perfect solution to break up the hard lines of a building facade.  It also adds color and light in a continuous band.  Graphic text and logos for business can easily be added to the optional rigid valance.

Waterfall Awning with Dome Ends

waterfall_w_domeThe Waterfall Awning with Dome Ends blends the two styles providing more coverage without the added expense of having to upgrade to a custom awning.  Graphic text and logos can be easily added with the optional rigid valance.

Shadow and Breeze

Ranch House with awningsThe shed style Shadow and Breeze are designed for year-round installation and offer minimal maintenance.  The traditional style stationary awnings are used for both homes and businesses.

Custom Products

Custom Products 2Custom Products are designed to meet your individual design and décor needs to blend in with any building or unique structural feature. Custom Products will provide the look, feel, and functionality you’re looking for.