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SunGuard® window awnings are unmatched for style, function, simplicity, and excellence – only from Durasol.

SunGuard® Steelox

Steelox Family PicThe SunGuard® Steelox is a retractable window awning with modern flair. These awnings are made of satin stainless steel components and other quality materials to create contemporary architectural designs.

SunGuard® Topaz

Topaz MainThe SunGuard® Topaz is a retractable window awning with  a sleek , compact appearance that is ideal for windows up to 16’wide.  Retracted, the sleek design of the cassette enables the front bar to fit snug with the rest of the shade.

SunGuard® Onyx

Onyx MainThe SunGuard® Onyx is Durasol’s widest retractable window awning, with widths up to 19’9″ as a single unit.  Combine multiple units to span up to 40′. This awning is perfect for covering large areas of windows, providing excellent solar protection.

SunGuard® Romanza

RomanzaThe SunGuard® Romanza is a new European style stationary awning with an exciting modern flair, made for doors and windows. Used as an entrance canopy, this awning can redirect sun and provide protection from the elements.

SunGuard® SunCatchers®

SunCatcher MainThe SunGuard® SunCatchers® offers four different styles to choose from. Expertly crafted and refined, SunCatchers® are built to handle the elements while adding sophistication to your home or business. They will also decrease fading of furnishings, block sun’s glare and reduce interior temperature.

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