Can I Have Some Privacy?

Designer Banded Shades

The bathroom is one of the most private rooms in a house, but—with a nice bath, especially—it can also be a safe haven of relaxation. Which is why it’s important to find the right window covering for each unique bathroom space. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to treat your bathroom window, speak with a trained consultant at Window Products here in Branford. We can help you find just the right treatment to meet your needs. [Read more…]


Best Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Roman Shades for BathroomsNot every window treatment will work in every room of your house. Certain rooms have certain requirements for window treatments, and each style of window treatment works differently. Clients often ask us, “Which window treatments are best for bathrooms?” Window treatments for bathrooms need to meet three requirements: privacy, durability, and light control. Let’s look at some of your best choices: [Read more…]