Window Treatments for a Good Night’s Sleep

Nantucket™ Window Shadings with PowerView Motorization

Nantucket™ Window Shadings with PowerView® Motorization

At Window Products here in Branford, we know that many of our customers don’t get good sleep. Often, it’s because they don’t have the right window treatment for their bedroom. Because we know how important a restful night of sleep is, we want to help all of our clients find just the right product. If you’ve been looking to upgrade your sleep experience, speak with one of our consultants about the best window treatment for your bedroom haven. [Read more…]


What Is The Difference – Room Darkening Vs. Blackout

Room Darkening Vs. Blackout Window Treatments

Many of our clients at Window Products are concerned about the amount of light that comes in their rooms. It’s especially true in the sunny summer months here in Connecticut—many people want darkness. All too often, customers think that “room darkening” and “blackout” are the same, but it’s not entirely true. Read on for more information!

Hunter Douglas Opacity Scale

Within their product line, Hunter Douglas Window Fashions uses a scale to describe the opacity differences.

Use Opacity [Read more…]


Hunter Douglas Sheer to Opaque Window Treatments

Sheer to Opaque Window Treatments in ConnecticutOne of the the most important factors to consider when choosing new window treatments is how much light they let in. Sheer window treatments, for example, simply diffuse light while opaque window treatments block it entirely. As your local Hunter Douglas dealer serving Connecticut, we have a variety of window coverings in fabrics ranging from sheer to opaque. Hunter Douglas window treatments are rated for how they measure light control on a scale of 1 to 4. [Read more…]


Here Comes the Sun – Window Treatments for Light Control

Light Controlling Window Coverings - Southbury CTWe all know the popular song lyrics that say, “Here comes the sun,” right? Sunlight can be a beautiful thing, of course, but when it’s shining brightly through your windows, you want to be able to control it. Too much light can damage your interiors, negatively impact the energy efficiency of your home, and create an uncomfortable environment. As your local Hunter Douglas dealer, we carry a wide variety of blinds, shades, shadings and shutters especially designed for maximum light management. We understand that proper light can welcome the early morning sun or soften the bright midday sunlight without sacrificing your privacy and still protecting your valuable fabrics and carpet from harmful UV rays. [Read more…]


Protect Your Privacy with the Right Window Coverings

Window Coverings for PrivacyThe first thing people usually think about when looking for new window treatments is style. You definitely need blinds, shades, or shutters that accentuate the interior design of your home. The second thing people consider is usually light control and the variety of ways you filter, diffuse, block and harness the sunlight. Thirdly, and equally important, is how window coverings provide privacy. Here at Window Products with showrooms in Southbury and Branford CT, patio homes and other new home developments have smaller properties where windows provide a direct view from one home to the next. Even larger home properties require privacy at the window. With today’s wide variety of window coverings, you can have privacy without completely blocking your source of natural light. [Read more…]


Window Coverings for Bedrooms

Room Darkening Bedroom Window CoveringsSleep — who doesn’t need more of it? You may not have given this much thought, but the quality of your sleep in affected by your bedroom window coverings. How well your blinds and shades insulate your room from light and sound has a direct impact on your sleeping patterns. That’s why many of our clients throughout Connecticut choose room darkening shades or window coverings that block out the light to keep the room cool and dark for great sleep. At Window Products, we carry a variety of room darkening options for your bedroom windows. [Read more…]