Specialty Shaped Window Coverings

Specialty Shaped Window CoveringsSpecialty shaped windows, such as those in the shapes of triangles, arches, angles, and half-moons, are a beautiful decorative element in any home. Some people like to keep them uncovered to highlight their beauty. However, there are many circumstances when a specialty shaped window needs some type of window treatment. You may enjoy the view from your large arched window, but need to block sunlight or maintain privacy during part of the day. You may also want to cover a specialty shaped window are to improve energy efficiency, since much of your room’s treated air may escape through your uncovered window. Some people like to cover their specialty shaped window for aesthetic reasons, both to highlight the shape and to match coverings on other windows.  At Window Products serving Connecticut, we can help you with all your window treatment needs, including specialty shaped window coverings. [Read more…]