Window Treatment Installation: Inside or Outside Mount

Every year brings new styles, functionality and installation techniques to the Window Treatment Industry. Today’s window treatment shoppers have more options than ever before. At Window Products serving Connecticut, we can help you find the right window treatment and professionally install it to ensure it functions as perfectly as it looks. We offer professional measuring and installation services to get the job done right.

Shades installed inside the window frame.
Shades installed inside the window frame.

Shades installed outside the window frame.
Shades installed outside the window frame.

As part of our personalized service and design consultation, we’ll work with you make sure your installation is flawless. As we plan for your window treatment installation, we’ll need to know:

  • Do these window treatments stand alone, or do you have top treatments and drapery as well?
  • What is the depth of your window opening or casing?
  • What kind of molding do you have around your windows?
  • How much room do you have around the molding?
  • Do your windows lift up or have a crank handle?

With this info, our window treatment specialists will be able to narrow in on the type of new window treatments that will work best for you, including whether or not to mount them inside or outside your window frame.

Outside Mount Installation of Your Window Treatments

Although less common than mounting your window treatments on the inside of your window frame, outside mounting works well in specific applications. An outside mount covers the entire window and can provide a uniform look. Consider this installation option when:

  • The depth of your window is insufficient for the blind or shade to be mounted inside
  • You want the blind or shade to be totally off the window when raised
  • There is an obstruction inside the window frame
  • You have a unique or irregular window shape
  • You don’t want your window trim to show
  • Inside mounting would interfere with a window crank handle or alarm sensor
  • You want total privacy with no light gap

Inside Mount Installation of Your Window Treatments

Mounting your window treatments on the inside of your window frame is the most popular installation preference. Benefits of mounting window treatments inside your window include:

  • Providing a cleaner look in the window.
  • Exposing your molding as an added decorating element.
  • Complementing, rather than interfering with, draperies.
  • Reducing energy costs by having the blind or shade lay closer to the glass.

Window Treatment Installation Services in Connecticut

At Window Products, we’ve been serving Connecticut since 1994. We offer the full line of Hunter Douglas window fashions, a nice selection of screen shades, and a wide variety of awnings and shades. Our personalized service, quality products, and professional installation services ensure you’ll find the perfect window treatment or awning for your home or business. Contact us for more details.

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