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When you start to think about home decorating, the process can be overwhelming. You may jump on the Internet or look through home décor magazines to gather ideas, but what do you do with all your newfound ideas? Knowing where to start and doing your homework before you start will provide you with a gratifying result. At Window Products serving Fairfield, CT and surrounding areas, we’ll be happy to help you determine which window treatments will fit best with your design. Meanwhile, here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Look at the space and decide what will be the focal point in a room, whether it’s the window, TV, fireplace, bookcase, piano, or picture grouping. The focal point is the magnet to group your furniture around. It can change with the seasons; for example, in the winter it could be the fireplace and in the summer, the window with a view.
  • The next step is defining how the room is going to be used and draw it out on graph paper, with one square scaling to one foot. Measure out the room and draw out where the walls, doors, and windows are on the graph paper.
  • Measure and cut from graph paper all the furniture pieces that will be in the room. Then arrange them in your graph paper design. Be creative and put sofas on an angle. Remember, all the furniture does not have to be against the wall, especially in rectangular rooms.
  • Do you want color on the window or the wall? Both work equally well. A few guidelines to keep in mind: If your window treatments are neutral, you can change the color of paint easier and for far less money than changing the window treatments. Remember, when the sun comes through a colored window treatment, it will also affect the colors of all objects in the room. When you put color on a window treatment, it will automatically become the focal point in the room.
  • Start with a functioning horizontal or vertical window treatment, such as honeycomb shades, Roman shades, vertical blinds, or shutters. Next think about adding drapery panels or a valance to your window treatment. The addition of draperies or top treatments can soften a room and/or add a splash of color tie the room together.
  • Don’t forget accessories. They show who you are, where you have been and where you want to go! Accessories are the finishing touch that give your space personality. Never select an accessory to fill a space but to finish the space. When in doubt if it should be there, take it away and if there seems to be a hole there, put it back.
  • With all of the new LED and other types of light bulb, try them out so you get the right effect. If you are using black-based colors such as purple, indigo, blue, teal, or green, you might want to try the LED cool light bulbs. For brown-based colors such as orange, red-orange, red, and magenta, use the LED warm light bulbs. The white undertones of yellow and lime green can go either way. Play with it. Take pictures of both. The camera is better than the naked eye!
  • Have a budget in mind and a contingency fund set aside. You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment. There’s always one or two items that push you over your budget, but you find you just can’t live without.
  • Finally, allow yourself enough time to complete the project. You don’t want to have to rush to just get it done.
  • Congratulations! You have determined your décor style and scope of your design project. You have set your budget and have allowed yourself enough time. Now call Window Products to help determine the window treatments that will work with your design!

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